Rumor: AdSense now available for Romanian websites

Google AdsenseThere are a lot of discussions at Seopedia Forum, about Adsense ads starting to appear on websites written in romanian language.

Up until now, only Public Service Announcement (PSA) ads appeared on pages with content in Romanian language.

There’s no official position on this, in the Adsense Blog, or in the supported languages page in Adsense’s Help Center.

How many of you are starting to see ads appearing in a Romanian language written website ?

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  1. Yeah, i’ve seen it too this morning, i had a page on my website on wich i was running adsense for testing purposes. Today i noticed that real ads appear. So i changed all ads (Neogen until now) to Google to test it for a few days. I already see bigger CTR then until now (with Neogen ads).

  2. Yep, we’re seeing this on GadgetMania, too. We have Neogen ads and when Neogen displays nothing, we have put a small page with Adsense to display instead. Guess what ? It’s finally freaking happening, no more red cross, katrina hurricane and sh*t. Already had some clicks going on there and the revenue albeit small is almost an order of magnitude larger than Neogen.

  3. You mean “mostly” on English language websites and when coming from a Romanian IP. Romanian language websites had public service ads in >80% of the time and English language ads in most of the remaining time.

  4. It’s happening for some time Cristi. Romanian ads appeared on my site since early 2006 (like 10% of them are in romanian). Even tho our graffiti site is NOT done in romanian the ads still appear.

  5. Alex, I know what you mean. Right now, the ads are showing all the time.

    You had ads before (maybe 10% of the time), because you had some English words.

  6. What nobody is saying: for the first time, the ‘Ads by Goooogle’ part is in Romanian.
    Am I the only one that thinks isn’t the first time they translate this (and the landing page linked from it)?

  7. I don’t think that Google will want to enter in a small market.People have to spend more money, so that Google can make Adsense available for Romanian websites.Imagine if they would release every website and blog would use adsense, and in a week the ads will be over because romanians are not big spenders, and many of them are kids.So no conversions.

  8. Good point Mihai. But remember that there are at least let’s say 20 big companies which are spending on AdWords … so the ads will appear. And once they get the taste of ads they’ll spend more. Plus they will spread the word about it ;)

  9. Of course they will come. Romanians already have good campaigns on Adwords. Now if they will come to .ro Much of these advertisers will go to Google.
    Forget about Neogen or other Romanian advertisers. Now comes the real competitions.

    Adwords has a Romanian language version. There is only one step to .ro
    But nothing clear from Google. Not yet.

  10. Cristi one noob question: is there any resource where I can see which are the highest payed words & phrases for adwords ?

    I mean I want to buy a domain and do a website optimized for highest payed adwords … but I don’t know where to look for them :/

    Any ideea? Thanks.

  11. For Alex Mielus: there are some places where you can take these lists, with high paying keywords, I found them myself on the net, I will look for the link again, I saved it somewhere, they say that the most “expensive” one is “mesothelioma” or how it is exactly the word.. but I think you should think about something else, not about highest paying keywords. Better to see what are the most searched keywords and what is the competition for them, if you can be among the first in Google for those words. This is the way I do it, anyway…

  12. If you own a .ro website with ro content, the question is not which are the best paid words, but which are these words for Romanian language and localization. I can imagine the list is quite different from the “global” list you can find in various places on the net.

    Also, one should update the list of sites to exclude from adwords with selected Ro sites which have ads that nobody clicks. Yes there are such lists. They are short but might be useful. Just ask around :D

  13. I’ve seen the ads for a long time. I visit a lot of big romanian sites (mostly for news, etc) and they’ve had them for a long time.

  14. this can be bad for people who leave their adwords settings to worldwide but whose businesses dont do business in Romania.

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