Adsense has login problems ? Or is is just me ?

Starting from two days ago, I can’t login into my Adsense account. The message:

No AdSense Account
An AdSense account does not exist for this login, as you have not yet completed an application.

Apply for an AdSense account.
Go to AdWords home.

I AM using the right username (email) and password.

Two days ago, this problem was random (at times I could login, at time not). I thought it was a temporary glitch, because we did saw the Adsense page down numerous times.

But I now think that it’s a definite problem. I was recently reinstated in the Adsense program, after having my account disabled for invalid clicks (just to clarify things, I was not responsible for any type of fraud).

As you can see (even in this post) my Adsense ads continue to show (they didn’t showed when my account was disabled) so I’m guessing that I DO still have an account.

Password reset
Please check your email for a message from Google AdSense. Follow the link in the message to reset your password.

I also sent a message to the Adsense team, yesterday. I hope I’ll get an answer tommorow.

Does any other person experience the same situation with their account ?

Adsense login problems

Later Edit: I tried one other thing: resetting my password. And it worked. I got an e-mail with a link to a page where I could input my new password. I actually typed the same password I had, and now I can login into my account (using exactly the same initial username and password).

Case closed. But how weird is that ?

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