Interview with Nitobi Inc., the RobotReplay creator

RobotReplayA few weeks ago, RobotReplay was created, one of the most useful analytics tool in the web today.

In a few words, RobotReplay is what I reckon, the most convenient accessibility and usability workshop in the world, for free, anytime, anywhere. Basically, RobotReplay records all the sessions of your visitors, and shows you what every visitor did on your websites, from scrolling, clicks, completing of forms and selecting text.

The most important thing is that the end result / report is NOT a video but the page itself, and a little bit of javascript, so the bandwidth you save is from 1000% to 5000% perhaps. All you have to do to start monitoring your users, is to put a simple one line of javascript in every page of your website.

The guys from Nitobi Inc, the creators of RobotReplay, were happy enough to answer a few questions for me, clearing up a lot of aspects about RobotReplay but not only.

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IE7 final release, is coming in October

IE7Scott Graff, Program Manager on IE7 Compatibility just released the news that Internet Explorer 7 is coming this month.

This IE7 Quick reference sheet might come in handy for some.

I wonder if someone will use it. IE7 will (supposedly) include better CSS and Standards compatibility:

The final release of IE7 is fast approaching … and I mean really fast … and will be delivered to customers via Automatic Updates a few weeks after it’s available for download. We want to ensure that you are ready and the information below will help get you there.

Automatic Adsense injection in WordPress

So Dax Herrera developed a really cool Adsense injection plugin for WordPress, which will fill all your posts with random ads, ranging from different sizes, position in the page, colors, and so on.

This is so uber-cool that it changes with every refresh, so it’s not just inserted in a certain position, and left there, for the post’s life.

I suggested him some improvements/fixes, and maybe he has the time to add them. Go check out his blog. He has a lot of other great plugins which you guys might like.

PS: Check this plugin here in my blog.

Invision User Reputation System (mod)

I’ve been searching for an Invision User Reputation, Vbulletin alike mod all over. I always wanted what Vbulletin has to offer to it’s users.

Well the 2.1.x Invision User Reputation system is finally here.

It’s exactly as the Vbulletin Reputation system, and it’s GREAT. It has astonishing features :

Users gain and lose reputation based on how their posts are scored by other forum participants. Users with the ability to affect reputation, will either give or take aways points by approving or disapproving with a post’s content.

All of the factors that affect a user’s reputation score are found in the User Reputation section of the MANAGER page and the TOOLS & SETTINGS page. Please view that section of the manual for more information on controlling how users are able to affect another user’s reputation.

Basically, you can review anybody’s post and give them a “positive” or negative” rating, as well as a short review, if you wish. You can’t review the same persons post more than once unless you review 10 other people.

These are the settings they’ve got:

  • For every X number of days, users gain 1 point of reputation-altering power – set at 365 days. ie. every year you are a member you get one extra point of reputation power.
  • For every X number of posts, users gain 1 point of reputation-altering power – set at 1000.
  • For every X points of reputation, users gain 1 point of reputation-altering power – set at 100
  • How many posts must a user have before his reputation hits count on others – set at 50
  • How much reputation must a user have before his reputation hits count on others – set at 5 (the default reputation everybody starts with is 5 so your opinions count immediately)
  • How many reputation clicks can a user give over each 24 hour period? Administrators are exempt from this limit – set at 10
  • How many different users must you give reputation to before you can hit the same person again? Administrators are exempt from this limit – set at 10

Invision user reputation system (mod) image previews :

Invision User Reputation SystemInvision User Reputation SystemInvision User Reputation ModInvision User Reputation Mod

Invisionize : Thank you!

Later edit : I just found out (he gave me a message) that Alex Firmani is the author of the Vbulletin Reputation system which is included in every newly shipped kit. He runs his own Monetise your site blog. So let’s thank especially him, because without him, we would’ve never had an invision reputation system, or none at all :)

Later edit 2: I installed this Reputation mod over at Seopedia Forum. What i can say : It’s excellent! Just that it missed a critical component : the table in the user control panel, where any user can see his last X given reputation comments.

At this build, only the admins have the ability to see the reputation comments, in the ACP. What’s the point of the comments if the users can’t see them ? I don’t give a rats ass about them, as admin :)Anyway, i made a post on this issue, at Invisionize Forums, and the creator of this mod has agreed with : OK :D. Let’s hope this improvement is coming alive soon.