Google Checkout Blog

After lauching the Analytics Blog, now the Google Checkout Blog is online with the first post ..

For the moment, if you are outside the US, you can neither sell nor buy (thanks Janos) with Google Checkout, if you are outside the US:

By agreeing to this Terms of Service for Buyers, you represent that you are:

  • 18 years old or older;
  • capable of entering into a legally binding agreement; and
  • a resident of the United States.

That’s wrong man.

Google Operating System by Ionut Chitu

Ionut Chitu runs his Google Operating System Blog.

He was a co-blogger for Google Blogoscoped for a very long time too. He still is.

He also writes and manages a page with Adsense tips. You know I also wrote some Adsense tips a few days ago, but his are much more detailed and he puts them in a much more professional matter.

I enjoyed reading a very authentic and quality source of information… Ionut is great at that.