Smashing Magazine: Golden Rules of Linkbaiting

Smashing MagazineSmashing Magazine just published the Golden Rules of Linkbaiting.

As the first comment shows, I just don’t know if a week’s reading time can cover all that content.

From the article:

  • What is Linkbaiting?
  • Profound Rules of Linkbaiting
  • Writing-related Principles of Successful Linkbaiting
  • Tactics and Strategies of Linkbaiting
  • Linkbaiting Hooks
  • Copywriting: Improve Your Writing Skills
  • Copywriting Books
  • Sources, Resources

PS: My blog is mentioned :)

Dreamhost asking clients to block GoogleBot

Yes, it’s quite true. DreamHost representatives are asking their clients to block GoogleBot trough the .htaccess file, because their websites were “hammered by GoogleBot”.

Dreamhost representatives are also guiding their clients to make all their websites “unsearchable and uncrawlable by search engine robots”, because they cause “high memory usage and load on the server”.

Dreamhost email

PS: This is NOT a rumor. Multiple people are already complaining about Dreamhost asking clients to block search engine spiders. A post in QuickOnlineTips confirms this too.

Initial news bit via Zoso.

How to get a link from an .edu domain (part 2)

Just go to the Harvard H2O Playlist Beta project, register an account and make a “Playlist”. Then point a link towards that page.

That way you get Wedding Favors and Lord of the Rings Online Guides and Exploits and not :

H2O playlists are more than just a cool, sleek technology — they represent a new way of thinking about education online. An H2O Playlist is a series of links to books, articles, and other materials that collectively explore an idea or set the stage for a course, discussion, or current event.

But wait there’s more : Dirspace directory (no offense intended to the owner, but that’s how directories “get” that SeoMoz PageStrength ?) and Viagra (of course through

And this on top of my other posts about .edu spam:

Interview with Nitobi Inc., the RobotReplay creator

RobotReplayA few weeks ago, RobotReplay was created, one of the most useful analytics tool in the web today.

In a few words, RobotReplay is what I reckon, the most convenient accessibility and usability workshop in the world, for free, anytime, anywhere. Basically, RobotReplay records all the sessions of your visitors, and shows you what every visitor did on your websites, from scrolling, clicks, completing of forms and selecting text.

The most important thing is that the end result / report is NOT a video but the page itself, and a little bit of javascript, so the bandwidth you save is from 1000% to 5000% perhaps. All you have to do to start monitoring your users, is to put a simple one line of javascript in every page of your website.

The guys from Nitobi Inc, the creators of RobotReplay, were happy enough to answer a few questions for me, clearing up a lot of aspects about RobotReplay but not only.

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The New Rules of Marketing & PR! (I am in the book)

The New Rules of Marketing & PRDavid (Bio) has just finished his new book, The New Rules of Marketing & PR (Amazon buy link, without any affiliate code), featuring the foreword by Robert Scoble.

Apparently, I’m in it, and I will receive a copy of it from David as soon as possible. I will post a review of the book after I read it :)

What made me really happy, were a few words which reflect a state of mind that so many people in the publishing world either do not know, don’t want to know or refuse to believe it:

In the blog world, when someone writes a great post, you link to it. It’s a virtual pat on the back and acknowledgement that the effort was worthwhile. And it recognizes the original idea.

The best reward available today for a blogger or a publisher owning his own piece of real estate on the web, is a natural link.

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SEO Experts are clueless at IT :)

SEO Expert Bob Mutch from SEO Company contacted me to day on messenger and accused me of infecting his computer with a script, after visiting my blog.

After a long and NOT so funny discussion I found out he didn’t know that you can have Firefox open up multiple websites when you start up and somehow he managed to set it up so it loaded my blog and another site up at the same time.

If you want a clueless SEO to work on your site I recommend Bob. He does consulting at $300 / hour and link building (make sure you don’t ask him any computer questions).

Internet marketing jobs: We need you

We at Kondiment Konversion are looking for a few more competent SEO guys (or girls).

If you are a SEO developer (coding) engineer, an PPC account manager, a SEO Junior Developer (directory submissions, keyword research, content analysis etc), a Researcher and Solution finder, an interactive salesperson (with a moderate to strong Internet Marketing knowledge base) please let us know.

We are especially looking for a couple of SEO Junior Developers right now.

No matter the job you are after, you must have competences and general knowledge in the search engine optimization industry, as well as an open mind.

All jobs are based in Bucharest, Romania.

You can send the CV’s and a few words to Mail

SEJ’s SEO Clinic offering free SEO advice

Loren from Search Engine Journal just brought the nice news bit:

SEO Clinic is a new project we are now offering on Search Engine Journal for webmasters and site owners which are not experiencing their desired or potential Google, Yahoo, and MSN rankings.

This is a free service, and it’s directed to non-professionals. I am sure that not all of you will have the benefit of getting the advice from the SEJ Experts, so please do remind yourself that, and don’t spam SEJ.

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Digital Marketing Forum

Digital Marketing ForumDigital Marketing Forum, an event organized by Cristian Manafu and Evensys, brings to bear the newest platforms of marketing and communication: online advertising, mobile marketing, blogging, viral marketing, podcasting, online research, 3G.

I’m a speaker there, at Session IV, “Interactive solutions to promote your business”, speaking mainly about SEO and Contextual/Text Advertising.

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10 new or improved features I want, from 10 online services

I’ve got something to suggest to some of the online services I use, features that could really make the day for a lot of their users.

I don’t expect representatives (except Unicredit’s) from these services to jump right ahead and take action on what I suggest, but at least take note of them.

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