News links for 14.07.2006

AdSense Glossary – where you’ll find a complete list of terms and abbreviations used in AdSense.

Yahoo index update – Many report it’s a screwup.

Kinderstart’s Lawsuit against Google gets dismissed, but still has hope.

Google: We really fight click fraud – “We don’t just let click-fraud happen”.. Well that shit happens anyway. My 2 cents. Donna’s reponse to Google: Be real men, don’t selectively hide the ‘world’s information’

Automatic Adsense injection in WordPress

So Dax Herrera developed a really cool Adsense injection plugin for WordPress, which will fill all your posts with random ads, ranging from different sizes, position in the page, colors, and so on.

This is so uber-cool that it changes with every refresh, so it’s not just inserted in a certain position, and left there, for the post’s life.

I suggested him some improvements/fixes, and maybe he has the time to add them. Go check out his blog. He has a lot of other great plugins which you guys might like.

PS: Check this plugin here in my blog.

AdsBot, the end of Arbitrage as we know it ?

So Danny has caught this one. Aaron seconds it.

We have a new Google bot, named AdsBot, that’s different from all the others. It’s an AdWords landing page “quality bot”, which will assign a quality score for your website. Based on that assigned score, your minimum bid on keywords, and other factors your Ad’s AdRank will be modified.

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